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724 Montauk Hwy
Bayport, NY 11705

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Sun: 12pm - 1am
Mon-Thu: 3pm - 1am
Fri: 3pm - 2am
Sat: 11am - 2am

APA Match Policies

Effective 9/23/2016

Due to a few APA teams who have repeatedly left VIP Billiards at the end of the night without paying for table time, we will now require that all APA matches be paid for before your team’s paperwork is handed out.

Match Table Time Rates

$20 – 8 Ball Matches ($4 per person)
$25 – 9 Ball Matches ($5 per person)

Pool Balls for Matches

Pool balls for matches will be handed out to VIP teams only and up to 30 minutes prior to the match time. Pool balls will not be handed out to visiting teams prior to the match time.

Practice Time Payment Schedule

For anyone looking to practice prior to their scheduled match (includes playoffs, Tri-cups and LTC’s), please refer to the table below. Fees will be collected up front. For Single Boards or other individual or team tournaments, all players will follow the “Visiting Team” payment schedule.

Practice Time Payment Schedule
Arrival Time VIP Team Visiting Team
  per person per person
7:00pm - 7:30pm
Free $3.50
6:45pm -6:59pm
$3.50 $5.00
6:30pm - 6:44pm
$5.00 $7.00

Anyone arriving prior to 6:30pm (or an hour before a match) will be put on the clock as normal

Practice Tables

Free practice tables are given to VIP Billiards teams at the discretion of VIP Billiards. If there 5 or more matches going on during the night, no free practice tables will be given out. The reason is that we do not have enough bar-sized (7’ foot) tables for all teams to practice on as well we need to reserve tables for VIP Billiards patrons that come in during the night. If a team wants to pay for a practice table, the fee is $10 for the team paid up front.

$10 for all visiting teams – VIP Billiards will rent visiting teams a practice table for $10 per team to be paid up front. Note that if there are open 7’ tables, those tables are reserved for VIP teams to practice on. If the VIP team elects not to use the table, then a visiting team may rent the table for the night.

To view to download this APA Match Policy

Table Assignments

We have a lot of teams shooting out of VIP Billiards now. We try to accomodate all the teams by assigning tables that teams prefer to play on but we can't promise that we can always give a VIP team their choice of table. If two teams are assigned as "home" teams for the night and want the same table, the teams can either flip a coin or perform a lag to decide who gets the requested table.

All of our tables have new(er) cloth on them and play well. The next table to get done again will be table 19 so that we can remove the red cloth, which doesn't seem to be popular among the teams.


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