VIP Billiards Pool Room and Bar

20 Tables, Full Bar, Nice Atmosphere, Fun for all ages

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724 Montauk Hwy
Bayport, NY 11705

Tel: (631) 472-1234


Sun: 12pm - 1am
Mon-Thu: 3pm - 1am
Fri: 3pm - 2am
Sat: 11am - 2am

VIP List Sign Up

If you were on the old VIP List, yes, we are asking you to rejoin the list again. Only takes a minute to fill out the form again. This is a double opt-in list, so we will have to verify your email address by you confirming the email address you enter below.


Welcome to the VIP Billiards Sign Up page for joining our VIP List. We want all of our customers to feel like a VIP and one way we can do that is by offering your a special, discounted rate.

What does the VIP Status get you? By joining the VIP list, you will receive a discounted all day rate of only $10.00 (normal rates are $14/day during the week and $18/day during the weekends).

Who can get the VIP Status? To be on the VIP list, you agree to maintain a valid email address. Invalid or inactive email addressess will be periodically removed from our database along with the names associated with those email addresses.

What if you don't have an email address? Hmmmm, would be hard to believe that you don't have an email address. If you don't, email us and we can figure something out. Gotcha!! Did you fall for it? For a special exception, please talk to Jim if you don't have an email address.

The VIP payment of $10 will be required before you receive a table assignment. Any time not used up on that day will be refunded when you leave VIP Billiards.

Fill out the form below to be added to our VIP List

After you sign up, you will be required to validate your email address. Please make sure it is a valid email address. Note that if you are signing up while you are in VIP Billiards, you will still have to pay the hourly rate until your email address is validated and entered into our system. It may take up to 48 hours from the time you validate your email address.

By joining this list, you agree to submit your name and email address to our system and also agree to receive a periodic email from VIP Billiards (we all hate spam, your email address will not be sold to 3rd parties). Any person who signs up but then marks any email from VIP Billiards as spam will have their VIP Status revoked and will not be allowed to join again.

Periodic emails may include but not limited to:
- Upcoming events
- Drink and pool specials
- Pool specific product promotions © 2014. All Rights Reserved.
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