Upcoming Events at VIP Billiards

Below is our calendar of events. You can scroll ahead to see more upcoming events as they come up. During all events, VIP Billiards is open to the general public (unless specified otherwise). This list is intended to show a list of upcoming events.

Looking to have a party or a fund-raiser? Let VIP Billiards host your next event. For more information on having an event at VIP.

Let Us Host Your Next Party

We have group rates available for groups from 10 to 70 people. Perfect for the following ocassion:

  • Parties
  • Anniversary Parties
  • Retirement Parties
  • Work Celebration Parties
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties
  • Fundraisers

For group rates, we rent by the table, not by the person. You may have as many people assigned to a table as you would like. Why do we rent per table vs. per person? We have noticed that with special events like a birthday party that some people attend that do not want to play the whole time that they are at the party. Some people would rather socialize with other guest.

So rather than charge per person, the better pricing structure for you is to charge per table instead. We suggest that you would need 1 table for 4-5 guests. For a party of 15, we would recommend renting 3 tables.

See the table below for rates:

Group Table Rates
# of Tables 2 hours 3 hours 4 hours
2 $96 $144 $192
3 $144 $216 $288
4 $192 $288 $384
5 $240 $360 $480
6 $288 $432 $576

To reserve a date and tables, we ask for a 10% deposit for 4 or more tables. Groups under 3 tables do not require a deposit, but still required to call ahead to ensure that your pool tables are next to each other.

Food and Drinks

Sorry to say that VIP Billiards does not have a kitchen. However we do have a full bar. We allow customers to bring in food from the outside, however drinks must be purchased through VIP Billiards. Exceptions include coffee, milk and juices.

Bayport is home to a few nice cateters. We can recommend a place or two if you are interested in bringing hot or cold food.

We provide a folding table for food, you are required to bring in utensils for eating (most caterers will provide eating utensils, if you ask).

Drink Pricing - Party hosts can run a tab at the bar for their guests or do a cash bar.Customers will require an id to be served an alcoholic drinks.


Prior to your event, you will be assigned pool tables so you may decorate the area. Feel free to bring in balloons, banners, streamers, etc. (please no confetti). We will provide folding tables for food, cake and presents.

Ready to have your next event at VIP Billiards? For quick response, please email vipbilliards (click the link to the left or email vipbilliards @ optonline.net) for more information or to reserve your next party.

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